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Vendor Love: Isaiah Bennett

"We are so excited to have him back again this year, as part of the cocktail hour! Isaiah’s music is fun, acoustic, entertaining, unique, swoon-worthy, beautiful.  His style is a mixture of soft pop, soul, and country, making him the perfect choice for a couple who is into a wide range of genre’s."


"Horizons" - Isaiah Bennett

"Isaiah Bennett is a musician and songwriter. He's originally from Maine, bounced around the country for a bit and has wound up back where he was raised. His musical journey even took him on American Idol a few years ago and he made it through several rounds..."

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Fresh Track – March 2016 – Isaiah Bennett – From Maine to American Idol

"Every now and then a musician comes along that knows how to keep things simple, yet maintain and engage an audience. One such musician that has creatively perfected this art is Isaiah Bennett. He calls Maine his home, has vocals that makes heads turn, and relaxed guitar chords that grab the listener’s attention."

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Seven acts from maine

"All the participants in the New England music scene are on the same team. We just play a lot of different genres at a lot of variable venues throughout five separate states. Each of these assorted areas have their own special sound and unique characteristics. Check out what ISAIAH BENNETT has to say about Maine’s happening entertainment environment."